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"The new liner purchased from Western Industries was replacing a decade old one, which in turn was keeping an ancient, rusted out eight foot stock tank in service long past when you'd simply retire it. Conditions are brutal here on the Eastern Plains of Colorado; the UV rays can destroy, stiffen and crack most ordinary plastic products within months, but with care the new liner formulation should last many years. The flexibility of the material makes end of season stock tank cleaning a breeze, just drain the tank, remove the liner and spray clean with a hose. No more shovels and working in the muck!"
- Jim Arthurs, Ramah Colorado


Pond & Ditch Liners

Erosion problems, trampling, poor construction… all of these problems can turn your pond and ditch system into a disaster. Brawlerâ„¢ Pond and Ditch Liners are designed specifically for strengthening and holding the form of your irrigation systems without the high cost and troublesome installation of a concrete lining.

Improve your profitability by helping contain runoff, recycle nutrients, capture rainfall and conserve water.

Bulk Pile Covers

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